So I may be a sucker for Nicholas Sparks..

It’s no secret that Nicholas Sparks knows how to write a sappy romance novel. So please forgive me for caving and deciding to read them. (Some of them are actually pretty good)!

The latest novel that I have read of Sparks’ is The Lucky One. It is about a marine who finds a picture of a woman and he considers the photograph to be lucky. When he finally gets the opportunity he decides that he needs to find the infamous woman from the photo. And so it begins..

Logan, the main character, sets off on foot (with the company of his dog, Zeus) to a small town in North Carolina (like always, because Sparks never gets creative) and seeks out a job with an older woman. Her granddaughter happens to be the woman from the photograph.
Naturally the characters fall in love and, like all of the stories in the genre, you find out about the baggage that comes along with most romances.
Logan and Elizabeth have a very typical romance and Logan becomes very close with Ben, the son of Elizabeth. Logan is able to replace the father-son relationship that Ben no longer had with his biological father. The story starts to get interesting when Keith, the ex-husband of Elizabeth and the father of Ben, starts to interfere with the lives and happiness of the love-birds.
Keith begins to sabotage the happiness of his ex-wife with threats to destroy the relationship between Logan and Elizabeth. He will stop at nothing to get the satisfaction of destroying the lives of others.

The story gets very heated and the climax will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Thankfully this story gives us a nice change with a happy ending.
It’s a cute story that doesn’t take much intellect to read, but I think it was worth the day (day & a half, tops) that it will take to read.

The good thing about Nicholas Sparks is he knows his forte. The man can write a romance novel. What really bothers me is the fact that the novels are all basically the same story, he just changes names and slightly changes situations. This story only stood out a little due to the [unexpected] happy ending. The only reason I actually decided to give this book a good review is because it was such a difference to see one of these sappy, sad love stories actually end on a good note.

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