One more guilty pleasure..

Since you have probably already judged me admitting that I find Tucker Max to be funny, (if you didn’t read that post, feel free to judge now) I should just go ahead and tell you that I also indulge by reading the works of Chelsea Handler. Go on and laugh at me, I’m comfortable enough with myself to know how much respect I’ve just lost.

Let’s just chat about ‘My Horizontal Life’.. This being first of her books, Chelsea Handler set the stage for how people would view her for the rest of her career. It was refreshing to read something with so much honesty but, at the same time, this book reminds you why you were smart enough to not make the same choices as Ms.Handler.
This is about 200 pages of what happens when you grow up in New Jersey. I’m kidding, this is what happens when you grow up in NORTH Jersey. (Side note, people talk crap on Jersey girls all the time, all of that judgement is geared towards anyone who lives above Trenton). Chelsea Handler had the advantage of being the youngest child. From experience I know that having older siblings comes in handy when you want parents that really only care that you come home in one piece and not pregnant. Unfortunately, Chelsea did just about everything that parents try to keep you from doing. She goes through her childhood discovery of masturbation, with plenty of detail. It is fun and entertaining to be taken on a colorful tour through the crude love (or lack there of) life of Chelsea Handler.
It is quite a commitment for someone to publish material like Handler’s. Once this information is out there, you cannot take it back. Being fully aware that she would never gain back the respect that was lost, Chelsea Handler went on to publish her first book.

I would hardly call this (or any of her publications) to be intellectually scintillating, but it was successful in the area for which it was meant to be successful; it makes the reader laugh. If you have a sense of humor and can enjoy reading about the humiliation of others, I’d say that this book would be worth picking up.

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